More 2012 Kickoff Show with Best Selling Author Jeffrey Hayzlett

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Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Jeffrey Hayzlett – Best Selling Author, “Celebrity CMO”, and part-time cowboy – continue their conversation in this very special 2012 MadMarketing TV Kickoff Show “After Party”!

Listen in as Jeff and Jeffrey discuss his best-selling book “Running the Gauntlet” on how the idea for the book came about based on his experience as the CMO of Kodak. Jeffrey encourages marketers to be agents of change and to constantly reinvent themselves, challenge the status-quo and be the catalyst to allow their company to look at itself differently.

View Jeff’s interview with Jeffrey Hayzlett in it’s entirety in MadMarketing TV Episode 7. To hear more from our special guest Jeffrey Hayzlett, visit his website, read his blog, and follow him on Twitter.

Don’t forget to join us for our next show on Thursday, January 19 when we discuss compelling offers with Mac McIntosh.

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