More Content Marketing: Thinking Like a Publisher with Jim Burns

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Content Marketing

Guest host Jeff Ogden with special guest and content marketing expert Jim Burns continue their conversation on Content Marketing in this MadMarketing TV “After Party” special.

Listen in as Jeff and Jim continue their conversation on scaling and assembling highly relevant and effective content. Jim discusses the ways in which we, as marketers, can enable sales people to be more effective and win a larger percentage of deals with effective content that answers the questions that buyers have. He also reinforces the value of video and explores a modular approach to producing video content that is faster and cheaper – allowing companies to build out content that is not only relevant, but a powerful asset that is not cost prohibitive.

View Jeff’s interview with Jim Burns in it’s entirety in MadMarketing TV Episode 6. To learn more about our special guest Jim Burns, visit his website, read the Avitage blog, and follow him on Twitter.

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