More Landing Page Optimization Insights with Tim Ash

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Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Tim Ash, author of Landing Page Optimization and chairperson of Conversion Conference, continue their discussion on landing page optimization.

Listen in as Jeff and Tim discuss what’s happened in the four years since Tim wrote his book. Tim addresses how the landscape has changed, and how landing page optimization has become a core competency, a profession, and a key competitive advantage. Tim provides his predictions for landing page design as we move into 2012 and how psychology and neural marketing play a key role in designing landing pages that illicit a response and convert. Finally Tim shares his insights on the things that marketing managers need to embrace and how important mobile will be in the days ahead.

View Jeff’s interview with Tim Ash in it’s entirety in Mad Marketing TV Episode 9. To hear more from our special guest Tim Ash, visit his website, follow him on Twitter, or check out the Conversion Conference.

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