More Return on Influence with Mark Schaefer

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Content Marketing

Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Mark Schaefer, author and marketing professor at Rutgers University, continue their discussion on: 

  • Mark’s new book, “Return on Influence”
  • Tips for increasing and maintain your Klout score
  • The importance of blogging in marketing today

Join Jeff and Mark as they continue their discussion on Klout scores and how one individual used Mark’s tips to increase his Klout score by 30 points in 45 days. The key is surrounding yourself with an audience that cares about you and what you have to say. Content is power and original content is gold. But content isn’t enough – you have to engage!

View Jeff’s interview with Mark in it’s entirety in Mad Marketing TV Episode 12. To hear more from our special guest Mark Schaefer, read his blog or follow him on Twitter.

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