New! Guide to International Email Privacy & Consent Regulations

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As digital marketers we have the opportunity to market to a global audience in almost real time. Those of you who operate in the US are familiar with CAN-SPAM (the law governing commercial email marketing), but how familiar are you with the laws and consent requirements for other countries in the world?

Consent and transparency are the pillars for any organization that communicates digitally. Honoring these tenets in your programs will demonstrate your respect for the countries you market into,   support your continuing efforts to establish and maintain trust within the channel, and – most importantly – foster trust and engagement among your clients and prospects.

With this in mind we’ve compiled an International Email Privacy & Consent Guide for your reference. This guide provides a high-level overview of certain requirements for you to keep in mind as you consider international expansion for your programs.

As always, should you require a deeper explanation for your legal obligations for compliance with digital laws, we encourage you to seek the opinion of a qualified legal representative. I hope you find this guide useful.


Act-On's Guide to International Email Privacy & Consent RequirementsWant a printable copy of this? Download the PDF.

Act-On’s Guide to International Email Privacy & Consent Regulations