NuGrowth Update: Delivering Sales and Marketing as a Service is Easier – and More Profitable – with Marketing Automation

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NuGrowth_Solutions_HighResNuGrowth Solutions is an innovative agency specializing in business development, customer relationship management, and digital marketing. Their focus is on helping B2B companies build world-class sales and marketing organizations using proven, scalable processes for acquiring new clients.

Back in 2013, we created a case study highlighting the successes NuGrowth had seen using with Act-On solutions. They’d been using the platform for just under one year, but they still had some excellent results to share. We recently reconnected with Paul Fuller, President of NuGrowth Digital, to catch up on current events and to find out how business is booming with the help of full-service marketing automation.

Act-On: In the original case study, you mentioned that Act-On made it possible to onboard new clients without incurring large overhead, and that the lifetime value of those clients is significant. Is that still the case? Can you tell us a little bit more about the benefits to new as well as existing customers?

Paul-Fuller-2840891-220Paul Fuller: Many of our customers are entering the world of marketing automation with no previous experience running a true digital, coordinated campaign. Our expertise, paired with Act-On’s solutions, allows us to bring a long-term value to our clients and to grow with them. We are committed partners with our clients – always innovating and working together to deliver the best technology, service, and content.

As long as we continue to perform, and Act-On continues to provide a full-featured platform for driving leads, our clients are satisfied.  It really culminates in the leads generated and driven to their sales teams. Overall, the impact for our customers is substantial when you start to dive in and develop coordinated digital marketing efforts.  For example, tying prospect profiles and messaging to the data our clients currently have is generally a first step that delivers immediate benefits. Targeting messaging and producing strong content based on these attributes immediately increases interaction and drives the kind of lead quantity and quality that their sales teams have never had before.

As you expand from there into automated programs, micro-targeted campaigns, increased content, and more, the data you gather for clients is eye-opening.  You begin to help them make marketing decisions based on the real data Act-On provides about prospect interactions. This value is significant, and it helps us execute, engage, innovate, and get creative with our clients – all based on facts and data, not just someone’s opinion.

Act-On: From 2012 to 2013 you reported phenomenal growth in several areas: a 34% increase in open rates, a click-to-open ratio that more than doubled, and an increase in leads of 92%, tripling your benchmarks. Do you have any updated numbers to share? Where are you continuing to see the best results?

Paul Fuller: We’ve continued to produce lead generating content and grow our use of Act-On, and have seen a continual uptick in results.  Our direct ROI from digital efforts for our clients and internally has doubled over the past year, and the indirect Return on Impressions metric continues to evolve and show the impact that we are helping them make on the market

Graphs of financial analysis - IsolatedThis really is the culmination of all efforts – email marketing, inbound optimization, landing page creation, multi-media campaigns, and so on.  However, it all ties directly back to our use of Act-On, and the impact that has.

Act-On: In the case study, you talk about NuGrowth’s “Return on Impressions” formula. How has that measurement methodology evolved? Is Act-On continuing to provide the information you (and your clients) need to gain new prospects? How so?

Paul Fuller: It has evolved, and it is customized for every client.  However, the Return on Impressions is still very applicable… and measurable. We’re finding that there are many other critical stats that Act-On can help us provide including the return per marketing qualified lead, cost per sales qualified lead, how many marketing dollars are spent per opportunity generated, and the overall return on each campaign.  From a sales perspective, we are really helping clients by showing them how marketing automation and digital marketing can impact their pipeline growth and pipeline velocity in a big way.

Act-On: Can you give us an example of a successful automated program and describe the results it has achieved?

Paul Fuller: One example is for a client of ours in the direct mail space. They helped us innovate and develop a high performing micro-targeted campaign by region for their sales reps. It’s a personalized drip campaign that’s sent directly from a sales rep to individuals within a 50-mile radius of the rep’s location.  The campaign is based on data attributes that automatically kickoff whenever someone is added to the database and also fits that profile.  It has seven programmed messages – all personalized – that are a mix between free content “gifts” and specific calls to action.  Because the area is within driving range of the sales rep, they can also offer to drop by for a personal visit.  At each stage, a rep is prompted to follow up appropriately with a task as well.

The first message of the campaign drove more on-site appointments than any other campaign by a factor of about a 50% increase per region.  As the campaign has progressed, reps are getting direct response to the personalized message at a very high rate, and their calls to the leads that don’t respond but have high interaction score have netted tremendous results.

Act-On: Has marketing automation technology encouraged innovative approaches for engaging your clients’ customers?

Paul Fuller: We have really focused on the lead generation portion of our clients business … driving net new revenue.  With that being said, we have been able to innovate on the client retention side, and are developing a lot of new methods to make this happen.

technology email The client newsletter is the traditional stock approach to trying to keep clients engaged.  But there are many more opportunities, especially when client bases are large and diverse in an SaaS business. The foundation to a successful client retention approach is ensuring that you know your client demographics very well. Leveraging your CRM and marketing automation in combination so you can view and act on those demographics is critical.

When this is done well, you can deliver targeted messaging at different points in the client lifecycle, and to different stakeholders within the customer organization. This allows account managers, or customer success managers, to look at things like a lead score in a much different way.  It is more of an engagement score for your customers.  This, combined with some good interaction between account management and customer service teams, can really help you stay on top of how well the customer base is interacting with the content you are providing them for success.

Act-On: What are your plans for engaging with clients and with Act-On in the future?

Paul Fuller: Act-On is our recommended marketing automation platform for all clients we engage with, and is an integral part of our business model. Our partnership here has brought significant value to our client base in terms of leads, innovation, and revenue.

We engage as a full marketing partner for clients. This includes strategy, content marketing, and full platform support – driving scored leads directly to their sales team. For other client partners, we do a full engagement – from digital marketing all the way through executing on sales with a professional dedicated sales executive.  Essentially, we drive leads through the entire funnel to revenue.

In the past year, we also engaged with Act-On as a Act-On Software On-Demand DemoProfessional Services Organization partner.  We provide content, strategy, marketing automation, and full workflow support to Act-On clients. Act-On is a great partner with a strong culture, a top-tier product, and a professional team. We’re looking forward to continuing to recommend the platform and team for years to come.

Read the updated case study to learn more about the many ways NuGrowth uses Act-On solutions to drive success for their customers, as well as in their own sales and marketing teams.