Optimized Landing Pages: A Key Marketing Tactic to Implement

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As a marketer, you’ve most likely used dozens of tactics, from website optimization to social media marketing. And you’ve probably found that some of these tactics are more effective than others. Some even work for a while, only to have decreasing results. So how do you decide which key tactics to implement?

In a recent episode of Mad Marketing TV, Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization at MECLABS discussed the struggles marketers experience, including the declining effectiveness of key marketing tactics.

According to MECLABS, key marketing tactics for 2010 and 2011 included:

  1. Website optimization
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Email marketing
  4. Trade shows
  5. Virtual trade shows/webinars
  6. PPC
  7. Telemarketing
  8. Public relations
  9. Direct mail
  10. Social media
  11. Print adverting

What’s Working: Landing Pages 

Although marketers have felt a decrease in the effectiveness of many major marketing tactics, Brian and the team and MCLABS are seeing more marketers getting involved in testing landing pages.

Brain is quick to mention that landing pages aren’t just web pages with forms. In fact, a landing page can be any page on your site that someone lands on. As marketers, we need to create compelling landing pages that allow visitors to quickly answer the following three questions:

  1. Where am I at?
  2. What can I do here?
  3. What’s my incentive to take that next step?

According to Brian, optimization is about looking at your website from a customer’s point of view. When creating and testing a landing page, it’s important to understand the thought pattern of your buyer. Brian’s research suggests that, in the case of landing pages, clarity trumps persuasion.


If you haven’t already started implementing landing pages as part of your marketing strategy, it’s not too late to start. Make sure to check out Act-On’s forms and landing pages. With this tool, it’s easy to quickly build professional landing pages without IT resources.


What marketing tactics is your organization implementing? Have you seen a decrease in the effectiveness of some of the key tactics you once used? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.