PGA of America – Personalizing Buyer Journeys to Boost Sales

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Like many organizations, the PGA of America struggled to send targeted messages to their audience segments. The organization’s process was labor-intensive and involved time-consuming tasks, such as having software engineers reach into databases to pull out names and addresses.

This challenge was particularly acute when it came to the PGA Championship. The tournament is one of the hottest tickets in golf, and the PGA’s marketing team promoted it to nearly 30,000 members and upwards of a million fans.

To pull off a campaign that large, the team needed a marketing automation platform that would enable them to send a precise series of personal messages to people in 28 different groups. So, they adopted Act-On and leveraged its automated programs to engage prospects and streamline the ticket sale process.

The results were extraordinary. The campaign saw:

  • 75% email open rates.
  • 70% conversion rates.
  • Record breaking ticket sales 10 months before the event.

In this video, team members Kevin Scott, Senior Director Technology, Ryan Foley, Digital Insights Manager, and Jenna Tidd, Lead Section Business Operations share their inspiring story, including the role that Microsoft Dynamics and PowerBI play in their ongoing success. Learn how you can achieve the same remarkable success with Act-On’s adaptive marketing platform.

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