Rapid Notify Sees 20% Leap in Closing Rates

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We love success stories, especially when it’s our customers experiencing the success.1-25-2013 4-13-36 PM

Rapid Notify is an easy-to-use, web-based emergency notification system that enables real-time, two-way communication via telephone, email and SMS text messaging. The company followed a traditional path in adopting digital marketing: First using one-off emails to reach out to each prospect; next, accelerating efforts through sending mass emails through its CRM. The next step was using a third-party email service provider, a solution Rapid Notify quickly outgrew. There were two main challenges:

  • Find an automated email service that could scale with the company as it sped up outbound marketing
  • Find an automation solution that not only handled the email, but made it possible for sales and marketing to see and share the results, with (hopefully) an automated hand-off process that would take full advantage of capabilities such as lead scoring

Rapid Notify is a happy Salesforce user, so requirement #1 was that an automation platform play very well with Salesforce. To that end, the company researched vendors using Salesforce.com’s AppExchange, and then interviewed them all. In the end, they chose Act-On, saying that Act-On offered the same service for one-third the cost of the others.

There’s much more to the story than just lower costs. Rapid Notify began using advanced capabilities such as dynamic content, lead scoring, and Website Visitor Tracking, and saw opportunities grow by 50%. You can read all about it in this new case study: Rapid Notify Increases Opportunity Generation by 50% – While Reducing Manual Labor Processes by 416 Hours Per/Year.