Rethink Marketing podcast: Creating a Successful Reporting Process

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I bet if you had a nickel for every reporting dashboard you started or that someone passed over to you … Yeah, me too. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get it right the first time? In this episode of the Rethink Marketing podcast, Phil Bosley explains you can create a successful marketing analytics reporting process.

Bosley is a returning guest to the show. He is founder and CEO of Tactical Marketing Automation, an Act-On partner. In the episode, he shares what is his number one metric that he tracks inside of Act-On, as well as explains the three D’s to creating a successful analytics reporting process: define, document, and develop.

[podloveaudio src="" duration="26:19" title="Ep. 110 | How to Create a Successful Analytics Reporting Process"]


  1. Welcome back to the podcast, can you remind us who you are, what is Tactical Marketing and what you guys do over there?
  2. We’ve talked quite a bit about the fundamental three. Can you refresh our memories on the three and why they are so important.
  3. So, with the fundamental three in place, let’s talk about analytics. There are a million different data points that can be measured. What do you think are the most important within Act-On?
  4. At Act-On, we have tens of thousands of users and they all seem to want different types of reports and metrics.  Some want opens and clicks, others are looking for revenue attribution, and it seems like the definitions for these terms are always different.  Honestly, it’s kind of hard to keep up, is there any light you can shed on this?
  5. Is there a way to make this easy?
  6. Once you have the data points, what next? How do you evaluate the data and set a course of action, whether keeping on keeping on, or making tweaks? Can you give us some examples (e.g. click rate, open, form submit, increased or decreased visitors)? 
  7. How do I learn more about you?