Rethink Marketing Podcast: How to Find Your Highest Converting Content

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What piece or type of content has your B2B business created that has resulted in the most conversions to leads and closed/won sales?

This is the million dollar question. Or at least it’s the question that you, your boss, and your boss’s boss would like answered.

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Determine Your Highest Converting Content

On the Rethink Marketing podcast, we interviewed Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media, who answers this question and more.

You can read Andy’s Orbit post outlining how to use Google Analytics to identify your best converting content. You can also listen to the podcast above or read the transcript on the Rethink Marketing episode landing page.  

The key to understanding your most effective digital content is establishing goals in Google Analytics. Examples of goals include newsletter signups, content downloads, or requesting a sales demo. 

If you’re using marketing as a service, like Act-On, you can also track the referring page to your highest converting content by setting up Engagement Insights or Data Studio to generate reports on a regular cadence.

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Leverage Your Best Performing Content

Once you have identified your best converting content, whether through Google Analytics or Act-On, you should develop strategies for leveraging your top content. Or, as Larry Kim, founder of WordStream calls it, making “unicorn babies.”

Strategies could include shifting PPC budget or using existing content to create a webinar. Or, you could create new content based on existing topics. For instance, one of our top performing on-demand videos is on creating buyer personas. Perhaps we could create a shorter version of the video or create an updated version for 2019. You get the idea. 

Optimizing High-Traffic Content for Conversions

Besides identifying your best converting content, you should look for ways to improve conversion rates for content that receives a lot of traffic. This might be a blog or webpage that drives a ton of traffic but doesn’t seem to generate conversions. Optimize these pieces by updating the wording and location of your CTAs embedding relevant on-demand videos.