Rethinking Website Analytics


With the likes of Omniture, WebTrends and Google Analytics out there, is there a reason to re-think website visitor tracking?

For B2B companies (like ourselves), the answer is a resounding Yes!

The vast majority (something like 97%) of visitors to your website are anonymous.  Act-On  website tagging now makes them a lot less anonymous, by using their IP address to try and find the name and address of the organization that owns that IP address. You don’t have to wait for the next day either, this happens in real time.

We have been running this on our own website for the last 3 months, right alongside our Google Analytics tags. (We do not see this as a replacement for Omniture, WebTrends or Google Analytics, which provide crucial reports and insights for marketing. Rather, it is a real-time website presence detector.)

As expected, this capability has been a godsend for Sales.  They see their prospects coming back and checking out our website, and this helps them better prioritize their outbound activities.

More unexpected has been the impact on Operations and Customer Support. One example: our Ops team was in the process of  upgrading our ISP relationships with Hotmail, Yahoo et al.  The whole process suddenly felt a lot less opaque when we found both Microsoft and Yahoo checking out our privacy policy pages during this process.

We started to roll this out to our customers a couple of weeks ago, and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.