Right Person Wrong Time: Using Lead Nurturing to Coax Commitment

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We’ve all heard a story like this before: Protagonist confesses his love for his childhood friend, only to discover that she’s already married. It’s the classic scenario of the right person at the wrong time…and it’s not so different with sales leads.

Not making the connection? Just hear us out.

In the same way that someone you see as  your ideal partner isn’t necessarily  going to run away with you – no lead is going to commit (aka buy) just because they’re well qualified. Perhaps they’ve decided to invest their resources in something (or someone) else; perhaps they simply want to spend a little more time thinking about this decision.

Just as a budding relationship can fizzle for no good reason, sometimes sales-ready leads don’t work out. Red-hot prospects might make all the right moves – then suddenly drop out of sight. Some might even get all the way to a seemingly closed deal, only to fall through at the very last minute. The good news (at least when it comes to these sales relationships)? There is hope.


Stay on the radar: Lead nurturing 

According to SiriusDecisions, 70% of the qualified leads that make it to sales get disqualified or discarded at some point. However, up to 80% of those “dead end” prospects will ultimately go on to buy from you – or a competitor – within 24 months.

The lesson here is: Don’t get discouraged. When it comes to qualified leads who aren’t ready to buy, a lead nurturing program is an ideal way to reach out to these missed opportunities and stay on their radar. Give your wayward leads the information they need in the right amounts and cadence, and they just might circle back and buy this time.

If you’re not sure where to get started with lead nurturing, our Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Lead Nurturing white paper provides seven foundational steps your company can take to set up a successful lead nurturing program.


As for that romantic interest that got away? We recommend curling up with a glass of wine, some dark chocolate and a stack of romantic comedies. Hey, we’re here to simplify your marketing strategies; we didn’t say anything about helping with your love life!


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