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A shout-out now to Michael Mothner, founder and CEO of Wpromote, a leading PPC management and SEO firm, who posted these five online marketing recommendations for 2013 in the virtual pages of Inc. Read the whole post, or sample our take on these bits of wisdom:

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1. Send more marketing emails.
Most businesses use email for newsletters, product launches, and announcement about events or sales. Mothner suggests that you should communicate with your customers once a week at a minimum, making sure to deliver fresh, simple content. Two thumbs up.

2. Add two pages of fresh content to your site per week.
Google pays attention to how often you add new content, so this will have a nice effect on your search engine rankings. This content could take the form of blog posts, resources, or just more pages.

3. Create and distribute content.
This is another strong SEO tactic; your goal here is to get more links to your site. Do this by creating share-worthy content (videos, infographics, articles, etc.) and pushing it out for use by others, perhaps partners or bloggers, etc.

4. Make your Facebook page worth reading.
EdgeRank is a Facebook algorithm that behaves like an editor; it decides which stories appear in each user’s newsfeed. If your posts aren’t scoring well, EdgeRank will ignore them and your hoped-for readers will never see them. Focus not on your company but on broader issues your readers will care about, to become more read-worthy. Learn more about EdgeRank.

5. Optimize your website for smartphones and tablets.
Newsflash, January 9, 2013: Market research firm DisplaySearch says tablet purchases (est. 240m) are expected to surpass PC use (est 207) for the first time this year. Old news: In February 2011, IDC reported that smart phones were outselling PCs. ‘Nuff said?

As for that email recommendation…do check out Act-On’s resources for your email marketing success.


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