Successful SMB Habit #3: Execute Highly Optimized, Multi-Channel Campaigns

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Seven-marketing-habitsIn the recent Forrester Consulting study that Act-On commissioned, small and medium-businesses across the US were asked they were adapting their marketing strategies to the current economic environment, and to evaluate how this had influenced their business practices.

This study revealed a number of activities Top Performers – that is, SMBs exceeding their own revenue goals – had in common. We’ve summarized these strategies for success in a companion ebook, “7 Marketing Habits of Today’s Successful SMBs.”

In two previous posts we discussed Habit #1: Emphasizing online marketing over offline marketing strategies and Habit #2: Focusing on new business leads and lifetime value over customer acquisition costs. Today’s blog post discusses:

Habit #3: Execute highly optimized, multi-channel campaigns using email, the web, and social media.

This study indicated that vast majority of Top Performers use a combination of online marketing tactics, including:

  • Email
  • Web
  • Social media

It is interesting to note that, no matter the tactic, a process for real-time multi-channel optimization has the potential to make an enormous difference in a campaign’s overall performance. This means a practice of continuous improvement and being able to fine-tune and each program as it happens.

This continuous improvement is especially important when it comes to fast-changing, often-hyped tactics, like social media. The study revealed that social media often gets a lot of attention from SMBs – 69% of SMBs are using social media – however that doesn’t mean they’re measuring results – 1 in 3 SMBs report that social media is not working, or they don’t know if it’s working. The lesson: Regardless of the hype surrounding a given tactic, marketing activities that are not effectively tracked, measured and optimized will not perform at peak potential.

Measuring Multi-Channel Campaigns

So how do ensure that all components of a multi-channel campaign are working effectively and in sync? That’s where marketing automation comes in. Marketing automation software analytics allow you to measure and analyze campaign performance in real time so that you can optimize, email, web, social media, and other performance levels.

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