Successful SMB Habit #6: Urge Increased Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing

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7-Marketing-Habits-of-Todays-Highly-Successful-SMBsIf you’re a consistent reader of our blog, you’ve probably heard us emphasis the importance of marketing and sales alignment. However, this collaboration between marketing and sales isn’t just helpful, it’s essential to the success of small to medium-sized business.

According to our recent survey with Forrester Consulting, Top Performers – that is, SMBs exceeding their own revenue goals – are more likely to collaborate with sales on a deeper level than Bottom Performers. In fact, this trend one of the “7 Marketing Habits of Today’s Highly Effective SMBs” revealed by this study.

Habit #6: Urge increased collaboration between sales and marketing.

Communication between marketing and sales is extremely important. The more communication between the two teams, the more likely marketing can deliver what’s needed by sales in a timely and effective manner.

So how do these two teams work more effectively together? One tool to help is marketing automation.

Using marketing automation allows marketers to manage leads based on behavior; it also allows sales people to:

  • Access touch points and scores to see exactly why a lead has been qualified and assigned to them
  • Use shared, real-time intelligence about a prospect’s interests and activities to inform conversations starting at demonstrated wants and needs
  • Prioritize prospects to decide the best potential customers to contact first


Sharing intelligence and working toward a unified goal creates cohesion between the two teams, making it more that likely marketing can deliver what sales needs in a timely and effective manner. And a well-equipped sales force is the key to success.


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