SugarCRM / Act-On Integration Prompts Prosperity for Propelics

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ugly graphic for propelics blog A-O on top CROPPEDYes, I know an 800% year-over-year increase in revenue sounds too good to be true. But when Adam Bookman, co-founder and partner of Propelics, analyzed the profitability metrics following the first year of their Act-On and SugarCRM integration, he realized the results were, indeed, that dramatic.

Propelics is a leader in creating mobile strategies and world-class apps for the enterprise. The company works with its customers to develop strategies for mobile technology use, and helps organizations down this path by building apps that redefine how customers engage with their buyers and employees. So Propelics is in a very hot field, producing great work. Growth is expectable. But when the company assessed how they might improve marketing and sales processes, they went for it, maximizing all their opportunities and chalking up enviable numbers as a result.

The company had several issues that are shared by many others. They had SugarCRM but weren’t making the best use of it. The marketing team spent a lot of time juggling multiple vendors for email, landing pages, analytics, and forms, and was stuck with cumbersome, manual reporting.

The stunning lift in revenue came from multiple streams. New sales went up because the Act-On/SugarCRM integration provided deeper insight via the behavioral activity and lead scoring features, leading directly to more highly qualified leads. It also closed the gap between the time a lead was generated and the time sales could follow up on it from days to just hours. Since the first vendor to respond is often the one that gets the sale, this can make quite a difference. Retention marketing to existing customers was also a significant factor.

“We haven’t changed the way we acquire leads, but the process has become a lot less painful. Sales opportunities have increased significantly as a result of the timeliness of our contacts and ability to score leads,” said Bookman. “Not only do we get to the right customers quickly now, but we’ve got visibility into their needs. We’re able to make the conversation extremely relevant based on what we know their interest to be, thanks to Act-On Activity History. Act-On has enabled us to get more meetings and close more deals.” Read the whole case study here.

We can’t promise you an 800% rise in revenue, but research clearly shows that companies that use marketing automation out-perform companies that don’t. And if you adopt Act-On – and if we don’t deliver the goods and help tot make you a more productive marketer – you are cordially invited to fire us.

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