Taking Marketing from ‘0-60’: Act-On Joins HA Advantage at Demand Con

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Quick and nimble is always better than slow and lumbering  

This is true about everyday activities in life and in traditional business. Another area where this has become imperative is in doing business on the Web. As marketers, we encounter this phenomenon all the time and incessantly feel the pressure of using the Web to do things cheaper, faster and better.

I’m sure you’re thinking what I’ve thought on many occasions: “Easier said than done.” And it is. We also know that the people demanding this from us, as marketers, rarely understand the details. I often joke: “They don’t get confused by the facts.”

However, savvy marketers today have realized the Web advantage. And their results are often stunning:  generating leads at 1/10th of what it cost ten years ago, getting the thought leadership buzz out to 10x the audience―and rapidly increasing sales efficiency and revenue.

One such company is long-time Act-On Software customer, HA Advantage. HA Advantage, a new generation logistics and shipping company, uses web-based technologies to provide a highly efficient solution for small-to-medium sized manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The company has seen triple-digit growth in the last three years―due in large part to its marketing and sales strategy that heavily leverages the Web.

This coming Tuesday, March 6, Carter Perez, EVP of Sales and Marketing at HA Advantage will join me at DemandCon in San Francisco to talk about how his company went from “0 to 60” using marketing automation on the Web.

What: Case Study: HA Advantage Goes From ‘0 to 60’ Using Marketing Automation
Who: Atri Chatterjee, chief marketing officer, Act-On and Carter Perez, executive vice president, HA Advantage
When: Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 1:45 – 2:30 pm
Where: Exhibit Hall of Marriott Marquis, San Francisco

If you’re going to be at DemandCon, I invite you to come join the presentation. HA Advantage’s story is a great example of how to speed up the launch of marketing campaigns, move and nurture prospects effectively though the sales cycle and increase revenue—everything you need to know to take your organization from slow and lumbering to a quick, well-oiled machine.