The Case For Digital Integrated Marketing

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Today online marketing includes email, websites, social media (in all its many splendors), webinars, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, website visitor tracking, and a host of other activities and channels. All are critical tactics in the marketer’s tool chest, helping you find and engage with prospects, drive revenue, and extend your brand.

However – using multiple tools makes for a complicated technology environment… and where there’s complication, there’s cost. There are also headaches. Actively managing multiple tools is time-consuming, and it’s easy for messaging to get out of step. Data continuity can be a problem; how do you integrate the data from different programs to get one comprehensive picture of an individual prospect?

If your marketing programs are reaching this point of complexity, it might be time to consider an integrated marketing platform. Consider these questions:

  • How many discrete marketing tools are you using?
  • How many channels (and subchannels) are you juggling?
  • How are you reconciling the data you get back from multiple activities?
  • Do you know which campaigns are working? For which segments of your database?
  • Can you watch a prospect move through stages of sales-readiness? Can you map your marketing actions to those stages?
  • Can your sales team see what you see? In real time?

David Cooperstein, leader of Forrester’s CMO & Marketing Leadership practice put a number to all this when he wrote in Forbes: “If (your digital marketing team) spends more than 30% of their time amassing data in spreadsheets, and subsequently trying to act on it, you are leaving money on the table.”Hidden Costs screen shot

If you’re ready to dig down into the issue of multiple tools versus an integrated platform, take a look at “The Hidden Costs of Multiple Marketing Tools,” an Act-On white paper that lays out the case for integration.

And if you’re ready to take an even closer look, just contact us for a one-to-one personalized demo.