The DNA of a Top Performer—Are You Cut From the Same Cloth?

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Marketing Automation

We recently surveyed 101 of our customers in the small and medium-sized business category about their online marketing practices. The questions we asked were taken from an Act-On and Forrester Consulting Report titled “Driving SMB Revenue in a Down Economy,” in which those initial results revealed a new model for successful companies, referred to as “Top Performers.”

Top Performer InfographicAs the Act-On customer base are all adopters of 21st century marketing automation tools and the Forrester sample is not (only 33% adoption), we thought it would  be interesting  to conduct the same survey with marketing leaders in our SMB customer base to see how they would rank in comparison. The findings were compelling. Most interestingly, 1 in 5 Act-On customers reported exceeding revenue goals by 10% or more.

  • Act-On customers experienced better revenue performance, and didn’t cut or freeze budgets as readily during the recession in comparison to the SMBs surveyed by Forrester.
  • Act-On customers place a heavy emphasis on online marketing, using a variety of digital marketing activities to acquire new customers.
  • Act-On customers are sophisticated in their use of social media to acquire new customers and know how to measure its effectiveness.

That takes us to the question – what do the most elite marketers do that others don’t? The infographic at left paints a picture of the practices that top performing companies are employing to propel their businesses ahead of the game.

The common denominator for this better-than-expected performance is the adoption of marketing automation to create, execute and manage highly agile, integrated multi-channel programs. This has given these top performing companies a competitive advantage: new digital competence and advanced tools with which to deploy it, that helps drive them to the highest echelon of performers.

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