The Evolution of Email: Act-On Software and BLASTmedia Present at the AMA’s Virtual XChange

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Last week the American Marketing Association held Virtual XChange: The Evolution of Email: Essentials for Campaign Success. This full day of virtual presentations allowed marketers to hear experts address strategic email marketing topics, including deliverability, design, list growth and new technologies.

Act-On Software’s Janelle Johnson, along with BLASTmedia’s Julie Perry, presented Utilizing New Technologies to Increase Campaign Effectiveness, covering these key topics:

  • Blending social media into traditional marketing campaigns to increase response
  • Amping up your direct marketing by bringing prospects and customers online and engaging them with sharable content
  • Turning your emails into an online experience that customers and prospects will love (and share!)
  • Using marketing automation to segment and score your contact database, and nurture leads effectively

Johnson and Perry noted that as email and marketing in general continue to evolve, it’s important for marketers to take advantage of new strategies, and also to employ new technologies to help implement, measure, and refine those strategies. Key points they discussed included:

Marketing Strategy: Outbound and Inbound Integration

Perry stressed the importance of outbound and inbound marketing integration, providing an example of a client case study that used experiential marketing, mobile devices and social media to grow an email list.

As Perry explained, mobile-accessible opt-in forms with email signups are a great way to bring offline contacts from events into your online sales funnel. Giveaways and contests, which can be shared online, provide a great incentive for potential customers to sign up for your list.

Tracking is also an important part of any campaign. Tools Perry suggested for tracking include:

  • Unique URLs created using URL 301 redirects
  • Trackable links created using Google URL builder
  • Designated hashtags for Twitter contests

Some of the strategies discussed could also be implemented to bring direct mail targets online. QR codes printed onto mailers is one way to do this, however there are emerging high tech alternatives, such as building a flash drive into the direct mail piece itself.

Technology: Marketing Automation

Johnson discussed how marketing automation tools can be used to determine which leads are most valuable to act on at a given moment, enabling marketers to nurture and convert those leads intelligently; then track and report activities.

With the right tools marketers can measure the effectiveness of email including opens, clicks, and opt-outs. Marketing automation tools also allow marketers to test multiple variables, such as the day or time an email is sent, the subject line, and how recipients respond to html vs. text. Advanced email strategies, such as lead nurturing, can be both enabled (such as by segmentation) and extended (such as by lead scoring) by marketing tools.

In the end, today’s marketer needs to make the most of all opportunities, pairing evolving tools and emerging strategies, to develop more effective ways of reaching prospects and customers.

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