The Jigsaw Mindset

Avatar Act-On

What is the mindset of someone contributing a contact to Jigsaw? It cannot be the case that they know and like the person whose contact information they are uploading.

My theory: when a marketing/sales lead gets disqualified for one reason or another, it likely winds up in Jigsaw. When a sales person loses a deal, all the deal contacts are worthless, right? Why not get a $1 credit for each by uploading them to Jigsaw? If a lead comes across that is totally unqualified, same thing!

I am convinced that this profit motive is behind the dynamic growth of Jigsaw (vis a vis Plaxo, for example).  Another proof (if one is necessary) that psychology is more important than technology.

I remember reading a post by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch a few years ago, titled “Jigsaw is a Really, really Bad Idea“. Clearly, this did not hurt Jigsaw. And now the purchase by puts the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on this whole business.