The Science of Email Marketing: 5 Aspects of Email You Can’t Ignore

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Act-On recently sponsored a Target Marketing featuring Reggie Brady of Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions and Ruth P. Stevens of eMarketing Strategy. In the webinar, titled “The Science of Email Marketing for B-to-B and B-to-C,” Reggie and Ruth provided insights and best practices for email marketing.


1. Mobile Compatibility 

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile is an increasingly common way for people to view emails. Reggie suggested these design tips:

  • Put “Click to view online” and “View mobile” at the top
  • Put the most important content or offers within the top 2-3 inches
  • Move “Forward to a friend,” social icons, and “Add to address book” below the top of the message
  • Keep the width as close to 500 pixels as possible
  • Use a one-column design above the fold – if you do choose to use two columns, put the text in the left column and the images on the right
  • Don’t use large images
  • Make sure your headlines font is at least 22 pixels
  • Make sure your body copy font is at least 14 pixels, anything smaller than 13 pixels will be re-sized
  • Buttons should be at least 29 x 44 pixels, with a minimum of 10-pixel padding to accommodate fat fingers

2. Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Subject lines are even more important to consider for mobile, because less of your subject line is likely to display. To accommodate this restriction, Reggie encouraged marketers to:

  • Front-load subject lines so that important information is not cut off
  • Consider using a short pre-header that plays on your subject line

Ruth also provided a number of B2B subject line tips to consider:

  • Identify your recipient’s pain-point
  • Keep it short when possible
  • Use specific and action-oriented subject lines
  • Don’t ask yes/no questions
  • Take out jargon
  • Use search tools to make sure that the words you think people are looking are actually the terms being used

3. Trustworthy “From” Lines

In some cases, From lines can actually be more important than the subject line. People open email from sources they know and trust; for that reason, if you know the recipient knows an individual in the organization, use that individual’s name on the email correspondence. If the recipient knows the company or product, use the company or product name.

4. Landing Pages to Continue the Conversation 

Landing pages are a must-have for conversion. Ruth stressed that the purpose of landing pages in your email marketing campaign should be to continue the conversation that was started in your email.  The jobs of a landing page include:

  • Reinforce the reader’s decision to respond
  • Provide visual and verbal continuity from the initial campaign
  • Motivate the reader to fill out the response from immediately

5. Segmented Outreach 

Regardless of whether you’re marketing to B2B or B2C, list segmentation is a very important part of effective email marketing. Segmentation allows your emails to speak more directly to your recipients and their needs. The more relevant you can be to your audience, the more engaged they will be with your outreach.


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