The User Is Always Right!

Avatar Act-On

I happened to read a brand new research report yesterday from one of the many talking heads in the marketing automation space. (I am not going to mention any names since (a) they are famous and (b) we are a client of theirs because that is how the game works.)

The report was all about marketers having to prepare for marketing automation, and to not whine when it (inevitably) failed because the fault was theirs, they were not prepared, and it was not the software’s fault.

It is stunning in this day and age to find “experts” who still think like this. I wish everyone would read Donald Norman’s 2002 classic “Design of Everyday Things”. The prime design dictum — “the user is always right” — has driven so many companies to achieve user experience greatness (e.g., Apple Computer).

At Act-On, this is the very core of our design philosophy, which is why we are so different from a lot of the other companies in this space. We think marketing automation *should* be easy, and our software (and our market success) is proof that this is possible.

What really irks me is that we are actually paying these so-called “experts” to “help” us with our positioning! Enough said!