Things Marketers Should Track: Webinars and Events

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Webinars are versatile, powerful tools. Salespeople use them for product demos; customer support managers use them for training; marketers use them for top-of-the-funnel lead generation. Some webinars are high-level introductions to your product or service, while others address an industry issue from an expert’s perspective.

Your webinar attendees probably range from people educating themselves on the industry or an issue, to people actively looking for a solution to a specific problem. Whatever the case, someone has shared their contact information with you and spent their valuable time at your webinar – and that makes them a potential prospect. In the best interests of lead generation, it’s really useful to keep track of these people in multiple ways:

  1. Track who registers. This lets you know that there is potential interest of some kind.
  2. Track where registrants come from. If you’re buying pay-per-click ads to drive traffic, you’ll want to know if they’re delivering.
  3. Track who attends. Have the sales development team reach out to them to see what they thought of the webinar and gauge if they are a qualified prospect.
  4. Track who doesn’t attend; you can send this segment a “Sorry we missed you, here’s the recording” message. You could put them into a nurture program to see if they will ripen.
  5. Track what other actions people take in conjunction or proximity with your webinar.

This last point will help you sort the wheat from the chaff. Someone who attends your webinar but doesn’t sniff around on your website probably isn’t very interested in your solution. But someone who attends your webinar and then visits your product and pricing pages looks rather like a hot lead, yes?  In some companies, this would warrant a sales call immediately.

(Shameless self-promotion: Act-On integrates with WebEx Event Center and Citrix GoToWebinar. If you use one of these webinar management tools with Act-On, all these actions will be tracked automatically, becoming part of a lead or contact’s activity history. Scoring is automated as well, once you’ve set it up.)

Offline events are not as easy to track, but the marketers we survey tell us tracking the interested people you find there is well worth it. The usual process includes scanning badges at an event and later getting a spreadsheet with the contact information. You then need to take the trouble to upload the resulting list to your marketing platform. Depending on the platform you use, you may or may not have to deal with duplicates – and there may not be a way to score this offline behavior.

(Shameless self-promotion part 2: Act-On allows marketers to upload lists of offline events and assign a lead score for this behavior. This becomes part of the prospect’s activity history – and is available to the sales team as well as the marketers.)

Whether you’re using marketing automation or not, tracking the activities of the people who connect with you via webinars, tradeshows and events is a very good practice that will pay off in more, better, leads.
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