Three Inbound Marketing Tips to Live By

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Recently, Focus’ Craig Rosenberg brought together a marketing roundtable of experts. The topic of discussion: inbound marketing.

Brain Vellmure, CEO of Initium LLC, Steve Gershik, Chief Marketing Officer of 28marketing, and Eric Wittlake, Director of Media at Babcock & Jenkins, shared their thoughts on the role of content in successful inbound marketing, and what creates the foundation for inbound marketing success.

To conclude the discussion, each panelist was asked to share his best tip (or tips) to take home regarding inbound marketing. Here’s a snapshot of their responses:

Question: What are your best tips to take home on inbound marketing?

  1. “Focus on your customer first and foremost. Make it about them. If you start there you’ve already accomplished about 80% of what you need to do.”  – Brian Vellmure
  2. “Talk to a customer. Pick up the phone and call. Ask them what they need.” If for some reason you can’t talk to your customers directly, “talk to someone in your company who talks to customers. Find out what your customers need.” – Steve Gershik
  3. “Have a personality when you [use inbound marketing]. You need to have your own view so that people can connect with you. You better be aspiring to delight.” – Eric Wittlake

Have you put these inbound marketing tips into practice at your organization? What other inbound marketing words of wisdom do you live by? Share your advice by leaving a comment below.