Three Keys to Using Marketing Automation for Successful Lead Nurturing

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Relationship building in B2B marketing is centered on lead nurturing. There’s plenty of reason to make the effort; according to the Aberdeen Group, nurtured leads deliver 47% higher average order values than non-nurtured leads.

In order to conduct effective lead nurturing programs, companies need well-planned, relevant messaging and a  capable marketing automation tool with which to deliver the messages. Today’s marketing automation systems support both inbound and outbound marketing; a good automation platform has tools that make lead nurturing easy and very effective. The key is knowing how best to use those tools.

Three Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing

  1. Send Relevant Offers
    Establish a dialog by sending relevant, meaningful offers that address the needs of your buyers…the more personalized, the better. Sending irrelevant content shows that you don’t understand the prospect, undermines the relationship and leads to unopened emails, opt-outs, and decreasing website visits. Know your audience, and make sure to address their pain points.
  2. Customize Programs
    Develop nurturing programs that match your audience’s preferences and expectations. This means not only understanding what the best messages are, but when and how often to send them and what formats your prospects prefer.
  3. Re-Connect
    Just because a lead goes cold, don’t let it be forgotten (or thrown away)— recycle leads to ensure that they’re not wasted. Use new messaging to re-engage old or stale leads, and identify prospects that may have new budgets or new needs.

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