Top 10 Deliverability Best Practices Webinar June 26

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Email 40:1 ROI60% of marketers say that email is producing a return on investment, according to the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report from Marketing Sherpa. And according to Litmus, email’s overall ROI is $40 on the dollar.

Deliverability is one key to achieving such results. From spam filters to client-side filters, it can be a daunting task to reach your intended recipient’s inbox. Learn how to become a smarter sender in the American Marketing Association’s webinar, Top 10 Deliverability Best Practices, Wednesday, June 26, presented by our own David Fowler, Act-On’s chief privacy & deliverability officer.

This webinar will cover:

  1. Setting your expectations for marketing and deliverability, including metrics
  2. Your legal responsibilities, including CAN-SPAM, the UK’s Privacy and Electronic Communications, and the EU Data Directive
  3. Your mailing responsibilities, including the differences between lead generation and retention email
  4. Performance management:  Know what to manage and how
  5. Data management – using bad data is like putting diesel in a gas engine
  6. Design and content, including mobile issues
  7. Setting realistic performance expectations in the context of your infrastructure and program lifecycle
  8. Test, test and test again. Testing all facets of your email program will lead to better delivery, reputation management and results
  9. Be prepared to fail and get back up. How to learn from programs that don’t deliver
  10. Stay involved – follow the industry as it evolves and changes

Learn the best practices in delivery from an expert: David has over 20 years experience providing senior leadership, with special focus on issues associated with email marketing, deliverability, digital marketing, and privacy compliance. Prior to joining Act-On, David held U.S. and European-based senior management positions at companies including Marketfish, Lyris Technologies, Blue Hornet / Digital River, and Yesmail

Top 10 Deliverability Best Practices
June 26, 2013 | 10:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM CT/ 1:00 PM ET

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