Top 10 Email Delivery Best Practices

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In a recent webinar titled “Best Practices in List Building and Deliverability,” Act-On Software Product Marketing Manager, Jeff Linton and Don Wynns, Director of Business Development at ZoomInfo tips for building and maintain quality email lists, as well as maximizing email deliverability.

Although list hygiene and email deliverability can be a complicated and detailed subjects, Linton and Wynns provided a number of quick takeaways for improving your email marketing and list building strategies.

Top 10 Email Delivery Best Practices

  1. Build your lists carefully.
  2. Test. Preview you email on major email clients and mobile devices.
  3. Maintain you list assiduously; purge and re-engage.
  4. Don’t overload an email with images.
  5. Send content that subscribers care about. Your email delivery results improve when you send only email that is wanted and expected, and purge old, inactive contacts.
  6. Use a consistent “From” header address.
  7. Develop consistent campaigns.
  8. Use clean and correct HTML formatting.
  9. Track your results and monitor performance by list source.
  10. Abide by all CAN-SPAM rules and guidance.


Looking for more information on how to maximize email deliverability for greater campaign success? Make sure to download our “Best Practices in Email Deliverability” eBook, available in the resources section of our website.