Tweetchat 101

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TweetchatWhat’s a Tweetchat? And why should you care?

For all of you green social media users, Tweetchats are:

  • Virtual meetings held on Twitter
  • A draw for people with similar interests
  • Generally held at a fixed day and time, often repeating over a week or month
  • Identified by a hashtag  – a word prepended with a pound sign (#likethis)

The conversational element associated with social media is the real value that sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter provide to businesses. Each conversation happening in the social sphere can give insight and intelligence that can be used to improve a company’s product offering, brand image, or sales strategy.

Social also fosters publicity and can help your organization expand its reach and exposure. Hosting Tweetchats is a new opportunity to help you develop an audience, gain new clients, win new customers and greatly increase your social media visibility.

Want to see what’s available already before you jump in? Visit to see a list of Tweetchats by day of the week (default view), alphabetically, or by subject.

Have you used Tweetchats to draw people into your sphere of influence in a way that other traditional mediums have not? Please share your experience in the comments section below.