“Under the Radar” puts Act-On on the blog radar


This blog-centric Bay area event helped us, along with some 30 other barely-visible companies, gain a little attention. Under the Radar‘s Shay Nowick wrote: “However, their solution seemed to be a little of everything.” She was paraphrasing the comment by WSJ’s Kara Swisher about the Ginsu knife coming to mind when she saw our product pitch.

Well, Kara, I will choose to take this as a compliment for 2 reasons:

  1. According to Wikipedia, “the Ginsu became one of the most popular and widely-marketed products in history, even attracting a celebrity clientele”.
  2. If an inarticulate engineer (me) nervously making the company’s first public presentation made you think of the Ginsu, then something special must have occurred since: (a) I did not at any time utter the following phrase: “But wait, there’s more!” and (b) at the end of my presentation, you did not hear me use my deep voice to give out the number to call, along with easy payment in 3 installments via credit card.

But, seriously, one of our key themes is the democratization of marketing — everyone participates, even the sales people. Customers often know their sales reps and are happy to hear from them, but the message needs to get built by marketing (for all the obvious reasons). So Act-On serves all these constituencies (“it’s email marketing, it’s webinar marketing, it’s web lead-gen capture, it’s sales support, …”). So this makes the Act-On service difficult to pigeon-hole, which is a good thing.

Thanks especially to these blogs for their support after meeting us:

  • Mumboe “Act-On Software also gave a solid showing of their impressivemarketing automation software.”
  • ServePath “For Act-On Software, enabling on-demand communication and collaboration with your sales and marketing teams is critical.”
  • All Things Digital “The group I judged included: Act-On Software . . . All were interesting and promising, although all had issues, from security to marketing challenges to, of course, bigger competitors.”
  • Webware “The Cisco-funded Act-On Software combines Salesforce.com’s leads database with WebEx’s large-scale conferencing . . .”