Understanding Social Intelligence

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Aleyx Perks, Marketing Manager of Thatcher MCS, a UK-based recruitment and selection consultancy, has written a good post on – “The Art of Social Intelligence.”

Aleyx points out that as social media has become widely adopted, it’s also evolved into an exceptionally powerful tool for companies. The way to tap into that power is through social intelligence. Social intelligence offers actionable business insight into the ways and whys of consumer, market, and competitor behavior. Here are the steps to getting it:

  1. Monitor social media*
  2. Collect and analyze the content*
  3. Apply the insights you gain to your company’s strategy


For years businesses have gathered data through market research, surveys and their own data, but social media can generate social intelligence that’s both more accurate and more efficient. The resultant analysis can be used for:

  • Reputation management
  • Customer service
  • New product development
  • Insight into market trends
  • Tracking the competition
  • …and more

Alyx puts it all together in the fictitious Sparkle Toothpaste case study, showing how Sparkle used social media to research why their market share was dropping, and then developed the social intelligence to guide a change in strategy.

Have you implemented social intelligence? How is it working for you? Share your stories!

Aleyx Perks is the marketing manager for Thatcher MCS, a UK-based recruitment and selection consultancy operating in the business and technology sectors in the UK.

Image by Spoon Graphics under a Creative Commons license.

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