US Fleet Tracking Scores Success With Marketing Automation

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US Fleet Tracking logoSam Sims, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for US Fleet Tracking, made the move to marketing automation to capture actionable data for targeted lead generation. He knew he wanted a system that could also communicate across multiple systems in multiple markets. He implemented Act-On’s integrated marketing automation platform in November 2012, and ran a Black Friday promotion that same month.

From this single campaign, US Fleet Tracking realized $30,000. “Act-On more than paid for itself right off the bat,” said Sims, US Fleet Tracking’s director of public relations and marketing. “It paid for service; it paid for time – and we still made additional money.”

Watching clients act in real time lets the company respond quickly

In real time, within the Act-On dashboard, Sims was able to see which clients received the email he sent, whether they clicked on it, and whether they went to the website to research the products in the promotion. He was even able to see whether clients did research on similar products. “I was able to track what clients were doing from product to product. That insight has led me to additional marketing campaigns – all because Act-On showed me this data,” he said.

At every level, the campaign was a success, according to Sims, who launched the promotion on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Not only was the response from clients enthusiastic, but an estimated 25% of the clients who participated in the campaign filled out a call-back form that enabled enhanced data capture and alerts for his sales team.

“Because the solution is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, Sims says the company is able to respond directly and quickly to its client base, with clear communication among teams. “We’re able to pull more triggers more quickly. With Act-On we’re more nimble.”

Deployed quickly

“We put the Black Friday campaign on Act-On in about a week,” he said. “A lot of that time was in adding the imagery. When all was said and done, it was just a matter of about two days for me to build the form, launch the form, build the email, launch the email, and tie in the back-end data. And I didn’t have to involve the IT department.”

The Act-On implementation brought additional business benefits, including:

  • An integration with Salesforce that delivers critical marketing data about contacts directly to salespeople, in the exact format they already use
  • Reports that provided measurements and analysis of campaign performance, so the accounting and marketing departments can compare numbers and  see how marketing programs impact the bottom line
  • Contact data that allows messages to be tailored to client needs as identified through Act-On
  • Website visitor tracking that enables reps to respond quickly to a prospect’s actions and close a sales with a lead who would have been invisible without this feature

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