Use Segmentation to Reach the People Most Likely To…

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When people buy something, whether for themselves or their companies, it’s usually to solve a problem or fulfill a desire. If you aggregate people who have the same needs/desires into a segment, then you can do a pretty targeted campaign to them and up the odds that they will respond.

Conversely, if you blast the same message out to everyone, your pitch is going to be utterly meaningless to some people – upping the odds that they will never respond – because you now look irrelevant to them. Clearly, learning how to segment your lists will enhance your marketing results.

Stack the deck in your favor: Attend the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Best Practices in List Segmentation webinar. Learn:

  • The difference between behavioral and profile segmentation
  • How to use personalization to optimize segmentation
  • The impact of segmentation on lead generation
  • How to automate campaigns to segments and increase response rates via segmentation

Join Alli Libb of AMA and Janelle Johnson, Director of Demand Gen Marketing at Act-On, in this fast-paced, informative webinar, and get ready to rock segmentation. Register now: Best Practices in List Segmentation, Wednesday, July 25, at 10 a.m. Pacific).