Using Webinars for Lead Generation & Effective Integrated Online Marketing

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If you have expertise in your industry (and we know you do!), webinars are a powerful way to showcase it. When you create a webinar, you also open up new marketing opportunities for your company. Here’s how to get started promoting your webinar:

  • Create a strong landing page—or even several landing pages—to tell people what your webinar is about. Tip: Providing an image of your speaker or a quick video “teaser” will help increase registration rates.
  • Promote the webinar on your blog, in social media and via email marketing – directing people to the appropriate landing page with a trackable link. You’ll be able to track visitors who arrive on your landing pages, and collect leads by having people fill out a simple registration form once they get there.
  • Insert a call to action in the webinar itself for more lead generation goodness. Tip: Offer a white paper, briefing or case study.
  • After your event, post a link to a recording of the webinar on your website, and include a quick lead form for additional lead capture. Put your webinar on YouTube, and ask your friends and evangelists to give it a “thumbs-up” and comment on it there.

Webinars as Part of your Integrated Online Marketing Strategy

The best online marketing strategies are just that: integrated. Including a number of marketing tactics will help you reach—and convert—potential customers. These marketing tactics include:

  • email marketing
  • great landing pages
  • quick and easy lead capture forms
  • lead nurturing
  • lead qualification and lead scoring
  • website visitor tracking technology –  so you know who’s on your site and what they’re looking at, in real time

You also need good content – which is where webinars come in. Good, relevant-to-your-audience, interesting content will give you something to hang all your marketing tactics on. Many of us think of blog posts and articles when we think of content – but when the Content Marketing Institute recently surveyed marketers, 70 percent said webinars are the second most-effective form of content marketing after in-person events.

This is pretty amazing, actually. An event is a big deal to put on or attend—and can be pretty expensive—but a webinar doesn’t have to be either. And when it comes to content, a webinar can be the gift that keeps on giving when re-purposed as a blog post, website material, white paper, case study, etc.

If you’re like many small marketing teams, you probably have a fair amount of visual material already on hand that describes your industry and its issues. Add someone who’s comfortable talking about this material, and a basic script, and creating a webinar can be a lot easier than you might think.

How to Make Sure your Webinar Brings in lots of Qualified Leads

Sure, you’re going to promote your webinar with a great email, lead prospects to a super-compelling landing page, and promote it via all of your social media channels. But, you can do even more to make your webinar a lead-generation success. Here are three tips for making sure that your webinar brings in lots of qualified leads:

  • Offer a live stream of the webinar on the day you host it, and encourage viewers to ask questions during the presentation. You’ll answer these afterwards during a live Q&A session. This will increase engagement, and also make it more likely that attendees will share your webinar with others after it’s over.
  • Archive the webinar on your website and continue to promote it on an ongoing basis, just as you’d promote any other content on your website. Tip: Think of ways this webinar topic can be used as a call to action in future marketing campaigns, create a webinar recap blog, and produce other handouts from the material presented that require a lead form for access.
  • Make sure there’s a call-to-action in your webinar! Invite people to demo your product, sign up for free tips, email you with questions, request a copy of the associated white paper, or do something else to engage directly with your company. People are going to be pretty receptive to further engagement with you right after they’ve watched your interesting, useful webinar.

Webinars Aid in SEO

When they’re done well, webinars can help with more than lead generation and lead nurturing—they can also help you improve SEO. After all, webinars showcase expertise, so when promoting webinars in social media, you’ll use important keywords. Social mentions tell search engines that your website has important content related to your keywords, which in turn helps you rank higher in search results for those keywords.

Most important of all, a well-crafted webinar that offers people something they need reinforces your company’s reputation for industry expertise, thought leadership, helpfulness and service.

How do we know so much about webinars? They’re part of our lead generation strategy! Make sure to sign-up for the Act-On Software webinar by visiting our resources page.