Webinar Recap: 7 Social Media Secrets to Enhance Your Outbound Marketing Campaign


Recently, Act-On Software was proud to sponsor Target Marketing’s 7 Social Media Secrets That Make Good Direct Marketing Great webinar featuring Julie Perry, Vice President of Social Media at BLASTmedia.

Perry sees inbound and outbound efforts as weaving together to form an effective, integrated campaign. As an example, pushing a press release to the media is an outbound effort that leads to inbound traffic; if you augment this with effective social media strategies, you can greatly enhance results. In this lively, fast-paced webinar, Perry provided seven specific strategies to leverage social media to cross-promote and integrate inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Many of Perry’s strategies pair traditional outbound marketing techniques that push company messages out to prospects with inbound marketing that pulls potential customers in. Here are the seven social media secrets Perry presented:

7 Social Media Secrets for Marketers

1.  Entice Direct Mail Recipients to Connect with You Online

Offering direct mail recipients valuable content and a way to connect to your organization online can entice them to interact more with your brand. QR codes are one method of doing this, and Perry gave several examples of campaigns that have used QR codes to pull offline prospects into an online digital sales funnel

2.  Turn Email Blasts into Online Experiences

Send email marketing content that encourages recipients to engage with your brand more directly by giving them a way to get content they care about. Make it easy for them to opt-in to webinars, or download informational materials such as eBooks and white papers. Another strategy is to incorporate multimedia such as online polls or video. Perry showed how companies could use monthly blog summaries and contests to encourage email recipients to engage with them in the social media arena, which can become a lead nurturing strategy.

3.  Optimize your Press Releases for Search Engines

Press releases aren’t just for the media; make sure you’re optimizing your releases so they’re easily found in search. Perry offered specific tactics for optimizing online press releases and recommended media outreach tactics using social media platforms such as Twitter.

4.  Repurpose Outbound Content and Media Coverage for Inbound Marketing

Outbound direct mail, email content and press releases can all be repurposed for blog content and article marketing, both of which help search engine optimization (SEO). You can repurpose media coverage—both mainstream and new media—for leveraging via social media channels and search via your corporate blog. This leverages the power of influencers and third-party recommendations by repackaging them to hand back to your target market directly.

5.  Use Online Video and YouTube in Your Marketing Campaigns

While creating video and uploading it to YouTube (or other video sharing sites) is an outbound marketing tactic, optimizing that video content for search is an inbound marketing tactic that allows potential customers to discover your content. Maximize your YTO (YouTube Optimization) to take advantage of the fact that YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world.

6.  Team Up with Twitter at Tradeshows

Having a booth or attending a tradeshow is an outbound effort. Complement this with using Twitter as an inbound tactic to enhance your networking at the show. Event hashtags are a great way to figure out who’s at an event and what they’re saying, so that you can join the conversation and plan opportunities to meet with leads and media. Building Twitter lists (even those marked as private) can help you monitor this conversation and start planning your trip, sometimes months in advance.

7.  Advertising (Online via Social Media Channels)

Advertising purchased on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be enhanced utilizing an appropriate call-to-action (CTA) that lures potential customers into “liking” a brand page on Facebook, entering a contest, filling out a survey or watching a video. Perry gave specific examples of how this is done via YouTube Promoted Ads and CTA ads.

Incorporating social media into your overall marketing campaign can help your organization reach customers, generate sales leads, nurture those leads and eventually win new customers.

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