Webinar Recap: Coordinating Marketing and Sales Efforts for Increased Revenue and Decreased Costs

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We were recently pleased to present a webinar titled The Art of the Hand-Off, featuring Phone Works founder Anneke Seley and Act-On Software CMO Atri Chatterjee as presenters. This webinar focused on the handoff of leads between marketing and sales, using a simple formula: “Strategy + Process + People + Technology = Increased revenue results and decreased cost.”

Parameters for Success

During her portion of the webinar, Seley discussed a number of similarities that exist between best-performing companies in terms of their sales and marketing practices. According to Seley, best-performing companies typically agree on a number of items, including the following:

  • Investment per representative and budget allocation
  • Consistent messaging
  • “Target Prospect” and “Qualified Lead” definitions
  • Lead scoring
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Lead response time, data captured
  • When Marketing hands-off to Sales
  • When Sales hands-back to Marketing
  • Using social media to go where customers are

Each of these items reflects a combination of strategy, process, people or technology, and both Seley and Chatterjee agree that all of these factors play a role in meeting the goal of increased revenue and results at a decreased cost.

Handoff between marketing and sales
The art of the handoff isn’t something that’s mastered overnight. Chatterjee encourages businesses to start with a strategy that has measurable goals, so you have a benchmark for measuring your progress. Next, Chatterjee encourages creating a dialogue within your organization. Working together to define key terms and processes will help everyone move toward, and ultimately accomplish, the same goals. Finally, measure your results to determine your progress.

Incorporating Technology

When all other parameters for success are in place, technology can help enhance and streamline the efforts of Marketing and Sales. Marketing automation, for example, integrates with key technologies needed for Sales and Marketing (webinars, external data sources, analytics, social media). Marketing automation can also assist with measuring results, which allows you to determine if you’ve mastered the handoff.

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