Webinar Recap: Five Key Insights for Buyer Personas

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We were recently pleased to present a webinar titled Buyer Personas: The Five Insights Every Marketer Needs to Nail, featuring Buyer Persona Institute President, Adele Revella and Act-On Software CMO, Atri Chatterjee as presenters. This webinar focused on buyer personas as a tool for marketers to better understand how customers interact with their brand.

The Value of Buyer Personas

Many people see buyer personas as a story about potential customers, but if you approach buyer personas as just a made-up story, you’ll miss the value that they present.

According to Revella, good buyer personas should clarify decisions for you. Each buyer persona has two parts: (1) the Core Buyer Persona and (2) the Product Persona Connection. The Core Buyer Persona addresses demographic information, such as job title and company size, as well as the buyer’s priority initiative. However, the Product Persona Connection provides more valuable insights about the buyer as they relate to your company and product. These are the five insights every marketer needs to know:








Obtaining Key Insights About Your Customers

So how do you obtain this key customer insight? Revella encourages interviewing your customers, saying “You really need to hear your customer’s story.”

Begin the interview by asking your customer to take you back to the day when they first started looking for the solution that your company provides. Ask them what happened. The answer to this question is most likely something you already know or expect, however listening to this answer will help you get an idea of what your second question should be.

Remember, this is a conversation. You should have an agenda for your customer interview, not a script. Deep insights come from probing questions based on the answers your customer provides. Remember to always think bigger than asking a customer “what” they decided. “Why” they made that decision is what presents the true value.

Revella recommends completing six to eight of these customer interviews before using any of the knowledge that you obtain. After that, she encourages continuing with one to two interviews per month, to make sure your information stays current.

Using Buyer Personas to Gain Insights for Marketing and Sales

If done correctly, developing these buyer personas can provide insight that influences numerous aspects of your business. Benefits include:

•    Improved messaging
•    Insights that clarify marketing investments
•    Additional insights for Sales

Once you have that buyer persona nailed, you’ll realize that the leads and prospects who fit that persona are your hottest prospects. You can leverage Act-On’s capabilities to identify hot prospects that mirror the buyer persona, and follow up with targeted information. Let Act-On show you who’s visiting your website and get vital clues to their behavior—opening your emails, attending your webinars and more! Contact our sales team today to learn more.