Webinar Recap: Getting Into Marketing Automation, One Step at a Time

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Imagine a wall. Your business is on one side of this wall, and a pot of gold is on the other. The gold is the higher profits you can earn with a marketing automation system. The wall is the work to get started. For many companies, the wall is too high to leap over… and marketing automation is out of reach.

Recently, Act-On presented a webinar titled Marketing Automation: One Step at a Time, in which David Raab of Raab Associates Inc. outlined an incremental approach to deploying marketing automation.

Deploying Marketing Automation: An Incremental Approach

Marketers have been told that in order to implement marketing automation they’ll have to reinvent their programs and processes, causing disruption and uncertainty. But David showed us how using a gentle, incremental approach transforms marketing automation adoption from a demanding leap to a manageable flight of steps. The steps include:

  • Deploy the marketing automation system by duplicating your existing programs
  • Identify improvements that will be easy to deploy, easy to measure, provide high return, and will be gateways to further change
  • Measure your results
  • Tackle the advanced stuff in small steps
  • Keep looking ahead

If you missed the webinar, David Raab has also written a whitepaper, Marketing Automation: One Step at a Time, that we invite you to download.  You’ll learn why incremental adoption is a less disruptive, less demanding transition, with a higher probability of success, and get the full scoop on  a step-by-step path for a successful incremental approach to adopting marketing automation, including how and where to begin, which changes have the highest potential, how to tackle the hard stuff, and the three key success factors.

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