Webinar Recap: How Marketing Tools Can Help You Reach Consumers and Cultivate Leads

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Earlier this month, Act-On presented two webinars to help marketing professionals better utilize the tools available to them.

From Marketing Thought Leadership to Brand Super-Influencer focused on how social media can help drive your marketing efforts and provide new opportunities to leverage brand influencers. A second webinar, facilitated by the American Marketing Association (AMA) and titled Knowledge Driven Marketing, focused on the tools that allowed BreakingPoint’s marketing efforts to succeed at a time when additional hiring was not possible.

Both webinars provided valuable insight for marketing professionals that could allow them to better reach consumers and cultivate leads in the future. Missed out on these offerings? Here are some key takeaways from last week’s webinars…

Knowledge Driven Marketing: How BreakingPoint is increasing Sales with Real-time Lead Behavior Insight

In her webinar, Pam O’Neal, BreakingPoint’s VP of Marketing, discussed how her organization used real-time insight about lead behavior to increase sales.

First, the lean organization used inbound marketing, to create profiles of potential buyers and identify those buyers content preferences at different stages of the decision making process. BreakingPoint then created a content engine that incorporated blog posts, webinars and case studies into their marketing mix. O’Neal expressed the value Act-On Software provided her company, allowing BreakingPoint to integrate the knowledge gained by these inbound marketing efforts with an outbound marketing campaign. She went on to explain how marketing automation and integration helped accelerate growth and lead to more marketing-driven sales opportunities.

From Marketing Thought Leadership to Brand Super-Influencer

This joint webinar included insight from both Forrester analyst, Jeff Ernst and Act-On’s own VP of Marketing, David Appelbaum. In their webinar, these experts shared information regarding marketing thought-leaders and turning fans into brand super-influencers. During the webinar marketers were encouraged to make their super influencers feel important by creating exclusive content and inviting them to spread the word.

Ernst reminded us all that “Business buyers don’t buy your product, they by into your approach to solving their problem” and provided examples of companies using innovative social media strategies to reach potential consumers.

Regardless of what marketing tools your business is currently implementing, there are always ways to increase marketing efforts. Looking for more great marketing insights? Make sure to mark your calendars for our November 2nd webinar titled How to Increase Lead Cycle Velocity and Close More Deals. In this webinar, David Elkington, CEO of InsideSales.com, and Raghu Raghavan, CEO of Act-On Software, will discuss how to close more deals, faster—something every company can benefit from.

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