Webinar Recap: Remove Barriers and Create Real Marketing/Sales Alignment to Increase Overall Success

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Recently, Act-On Software presented a webinar titled Increase Lead Cycle Velocity and Close More Deals. Act-On Software CEO Raghu Raghavan and InsideSales.com CEO Dave Elkington discussed the measurable success gained when marketing and sales work together, and provided actionable insights about sales/marketing alignment.

Marketing Today Must be High Velocity and Low Friction

According to Raghu Raghavan, marketing today must be agile and nimble, and do more with less. The trend is towards small marketing teams (SMTs) using enterprise class software that allows them to get up and running quickly – creating campaigns, producing content for all available marketing channels, and utilizing real-time business intelligence – right out of the box.

To be successful, marketing must also be fully integrated with sales and prospects must be handled dynamically. When a lead is handed to sales, it needs to contain information about all of the touches and engagement points associated with that lead. The right software helps marketing share that information with sales, in real time, enhancing the opportunity to close.

The Sales Revolution

Dave Elkington discussed the accelerated sales model and the sales revolution, saying that SaaS technologies are enabling organizations to make use of marketing-generated intelligence and analysis. This in turn increases sales velocity and allows sales to make its numbers.

Elkington provided key insights using InsideSales.com’s own internal process, including an illustration of how sales manages leads that are driven from different sources by marketing.

Elkington also revealed that, while we know that contact rates significantly drop off after 5 minutes, the average response time for companies is almost 50 hours. Responding quickly to a web inquiry does more than increase your contact rate – it increases your closed sales. 78% of sales go to the first company to respond. This means that marketing and sales must work closely together to know when a lead engages, and follow up appropriately. Technology plays a critical role in the process.
There’s much more to learn in this fact-filled webinar – watch the entire session at your own pace.

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