Webinar Recap: Up Your Game by Understanding the Marketing Tactics of Top Performers

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In a recent webinar, Marketing Tactics of Top Performers, Forrester Principal Analyst Lori Wizdo shared analysis and insights on the behaviors of top tech marketing performers, including how they organize and invest in marketing automation technologies. Wizdo strongly advocates using technology to strategically optimize the Lead to Revenue Management (L2RM) process, and shows which tactics result in higher conversion rates.

Here are eight conversation-starting findings from this webinar that are ready to be shared. Simply click the “Click to Tweet” link to share these surprising stats with your Twitter followers.

Top Revenue Performers v. Bottom Revenue Performers

  • Top performers invest more in marketing —7% of revenue, compared to <4% for bottom performers [Click to Tweet]
  • Top performers are 10% more likely to be using email automation [Click to Tweet]
  • Top performers are 60% more likely to be automating lead management [Click to Tweet]
  • Top performers’ top factors in lead scoring are  time frame and opportunity size [Click to Tweet]
  •  Top performers are 50% more likely to be leveraging social media [Click to Tweet]
  • In top-performing companies, 38% of the sales pipeline was marketing-sourced vs. 25% for the bottom performers [Click to Tweet]
  • Top performers are 85% more likely to be using campaign management software [Click to Tweet]
  • End-to-end conversion rates for top performers average 9%, almost double bottom performers’ 4.9% [Click to Tweet]

Wizdo says that while we need to up our game and raise conversion numbers, investing in the right technology makes it possible. Thanks to tools such as email marketing, website visitor tracking, and lead management applications, marketers today can see the content and behavior that drives conversions and shortens the sales cycle. Marketing automation gives us insight.

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