What Makes Act-On Different?

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Marketing Automation

Marketers looking to improve the efficiency of their programs by either upgrading their existing marketing automation platform or buying one for the first time face a major decision: Which system will provide the most efficiency, ease, compatibility, and return on investment?

Today, marketers must choose among a range of MA software options on the market. But we strongly believe that, although this decision is big, it need not be difficult. For a large segment of the market, Act-On is the clear choice to deliver key advantages to your marketing program for a cost-efficient price.

And here’s why:

1. Enabling Long-Game Strategies

Act-On supports the marketer’s key goals across the entire customer lifecycle; brand, demand, and expand. Our platform goes beyond traditional marketing automation, beyond inbound marketing, and beyond demand generation to support you at every stage of the buyer’s journey, for true lifecycle marketing. From stoking brand awareness to attract the right prospects, to nurturing those leads into closed sales, to ensuring customer satisfaction and retention – Act-On is there making things better for you each step of the way.

In the end, success comes down to your ability to build a lasting relationship with your customers, and maximizing your customer lifetime value.

2. Intuitive, Straightforward Technology

You get an easy, next-generation platform that marketers love. Some of today’s marketing platforms have been built on legacy systems. Others are subsidiaries of bigger companies, and subservient to their goals. Act-On is different. Act-On was built with modern tools on a next-generation platform for today’s digital marketer. Our focus from the beginning has been to make it easy for you to execute on your marketing strategies faster and more efficiently, and lessen (or even eliminate) your dependence on the IT department.

We don’t believe in “vendor lock.” Our open ecosystem makes it easy for you to integrate (and keep using) the tools you already like to use – or will want to try in the future. Your technology stack, your way.

And talk about easy: Act-On lets you build fully responsive emails and landing pages that display just as you want them to on all devices, with a simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. Drip and nurture campaigns come together with ease. Recognize, replicate, and scale the programs that work best for you.

Your team will enjoy using Act-On; it helps them achieve their goals ‒ and look good doing it.

3. Efficiency, Ease, and Excellence

Time to value: Faster return on investment. We believe that Act-On delivers the fastest time-to-value of any marketing automation platform. We built it that way. Some of the other systems on the market can take up to a year to implement ‒ and then still need ongoing dedicated resources to make the gears turn. That makes it a long wait for a return on your investment. Act-On is easy to get up and running quickly. And it gathers the right intelligence so you can get going with smart, data-driven, customer-centric marketing. Act-On gives you the right data so you can build better campaigns, shorten the sales cycle, and rescue at-risk accounts.

And talk about support: You won’t find better. When you partner with Act-On, you get an Onboarding Manager who will get you up and running, and then access to the Act-On University and online community to help you extend the platform on your own schedule, at your convenience. You’ll also be able to tailor your ongoing support to your specific requirements. You get help when you need it, for as long as you need it, from real people ­– Act-On experts – who get to know you and your company. Even if you’re a complete newbie, Act-On’s training and truly excellent customer support will have you and your team marketing like seasoned pros within 90 days. It’s not about our technology; it’s about your results. Act-On gives you balanced simplicity, flexibility, ease, and power, so you can do marketing your way.

At Act-On, we believe that every marketer has a great campaign inside of them. Let’s work together to launch it to the world.

To see the Act-On platform in action, take a quick video tour to see how marketers are using our platform at each stage of the lead-to-revenue process.