What to Look For In Marketing Automation, Part 5: Tracking and Reporting

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“Proprioception” describes how the human body’s nervous system gathers information, working with the muscles and joints to send feedback to the brain. Proprioception lets you know where your body is in space, and how your parts are moving. Without proprioception, for example, a car’s driver would be unable to watch the road; they’d need to pay conscious attention to their hands, arms and legs while steering or pressing the pedals.

So it goes with marketing as well. If you’re not getting feedback from your interactions with the world, you’re not going to know where you are…and you may have trouble getting where you want to go.

One of marketing automation’s key wins is making it much easier to track behaviors and results, and providing those results in useful reports. Most automation systems will track many behaviors and processes, and offer you a variety of reports. Things to consider:

  • First, know what your organization’s objectives are, and align what you measure to those (e.g. actions, conversions, sales, webinar attendees, sources, etc.). Make sure the system you choose can measure and report on what matters to you.
  • Look for some kind of social media tool. It’s still very hard to determine anything like ROI from social media, but you need to see at least benchmarks and trends.
  • Look for integrated systems that can combine feedback from several tools into one report. As an example, if your marketing automation system integrates with your web event management tool, you should be able to see reports of your invitations, registrations, attendees, and follow-up actions all in one report.
  • If you use a CRM system, make sure your marketing automation database will sync with your CRM database in a timely way.

If you’re actively researching marketing automation, we have a handy Buyer’s Checklist for Marketing Automation covering 15 topics in addition to reporting, to help you evaluate your options. Learn:

  • Whether a marketing automation system fits your company’s culture
  • Which organizational objectives marketing automation can, and can’t, help you reach
  • Which tools you really need, and which ones you can do without

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