When Email is Not Enough: SupplyFrame Implements Marketing Automation to Engage Leads

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Sure, email marketing has the power to drive leads and communicate a specific message, but what happens when you need to do more than just send pretty newsletters? How do you go from batch blasting to engaging your customers and leads?

This is the crossroads where Wendy Guerin, director of Marketing for SupplyFrame, found her company’s marketing strategy. SupplyFrame’s team used an email marketing service, but Wendy wanted to launch a lead nurturing program, and needed a solution that could go beyond email marketing basics.

The solution?

In March 2011 SupplyFrame implemented a marketing automation solution.

The results?

The thought-leadership nurturing campaign worked! SupplyFrame’s primary goal is to educate its customers and leads on the benefits of utilizing their advertising services. Previously, interaction with customers was generally questions-and-answers; now SupplyFrame’s customers are engaged by the articles, guides, and reports that constitute the thought leadership campaign.

The proof?

SupplyFrame actually receives emails at least once a week from customers who share how much they enjoy the campaign! (Need more proof? Make sure to check out the full case study for more about SupplyFrame’s journey from stand-alone email marketing to marketing automation.)

More than Lead Nurturing 

Implementing marketing automation paid off for SupplyFrame in other ways as well:

  • Integration with Salesforce for list management
  • Behavior scoring integrated with Salesforce, giving sales reps valuable insight into prospects’ needs and interests
  • Website analytics
  • Testing to figure out which email factors, including subject matter, subject line, and time sent, are producing results
  • Media library and template creation for emails and landing pages

We’re a bit biased, perhaps; we are, after all, a marketing automation provider. But over and over, people tell us success stories about what happens when they take that step beyond just email marketing, using marketing automation to speed up routine tasks while adding new capabilities.


What’s your success story? What was the biggest, or most profound, or most interesting thing that happened after you implemented marketing automation?