When is the Right Time to Implement Marketing Automation?

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Marketing Automation

GEARS iStock_000010181972XSmallTiming, they say, is everything. If you’re considering marketing automation, there are five particularly auspicious times to consider it:

  • When the business is in startup mode. You’re already making rapid changes and implementing new processes; marketing automation can actually smooth the path and help you get much further – on fewer resources. (Plus, it’s never too soon to avoid bad habits.)
  • When the business is making a significant increase in marketing investment. If marketing spending has been on the upswing, the time’s right for a marketing automation solution to provide accountability and ensure that investments are correlated with results.
  • When the business finds itself outgrowing manual processes, or needing to get more done without increasing staff.
  • When the business finds itself spending too much time managing varied point tools, and struggling to reconcile customer data from different tools in different formats.
  • When the business is experiencing lead overflow. If marketing activities generate more leads than the sales force can deal with, marketing automation can step in and ensure that good leads aren’t left to rot. Large house lists and long delays before first contact even on the highest-rated leads in the funnel are the red flags. Marketing automation can re-engage with these stale leads, keeping prospects involved and engaged, ultimately producing more revenue in less time than the sales force alone could generate.

If one of these scenarios fits you, and you’re ready to consider moving to a marketing automation platform, contact us. We’d love to share how automation can make your marketing life easier and more productive.