Where the Rubber Meets the Road: David Fowler on Deliverability

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Chief-Privacy-and-Deliverability-OfficerI’m pleased to introduce David Fowler, Act-On’s new Chief Privacy and Deliverability Officer. David’s background includes twenty years in marketing including the last nine specifically focused on global deliverability and privacy issues as an executive with companies including MarketFish, Lyris Technologies, Blue Hornet/Digital River and Yesmail. He is also a consultant and has spoken on deliverability and privacy issues at such organizations as the Federal Trade Commission, American Marketing Association, TRUSTe, and the Email Insider Summit.

David’s responsible for all issues pertaining to email deliverability and privacy compliance for Act-On’s customers, and for the company itself.

Email deliverability is a critical issue for most of us – and the rules keep changing. You’re invited to join us Thursday, August 9th, at 11 a.m. Pacific, in a live webinar as David discusses the complex issues around email marketing, deliverability and privacy compliance. Topics will include:

  • Mailing volume and proactive management
  • How your business policies (such as permission policies) affect deliverability
  • Managing your reputation for deliverability
  • Designing for deliverability
  • Managing your data for deliverability
  • The laws and how to comply

David’s point of view is that when you’re aware of the hard realities of deliverability, you can make better choices in a multitude of areas, all of which will affect your deliverability for the better and increase your ROI.

There should be some time for Q&A at the end, so bring your burning questions. Or…just leave a comment on this blog post and David will address it in the webinar.

Register today for Deliverability & the Realities and Demands of Today’s Market, and get smarter about deliverability.