Which Marketing Automation Platform Is Right for You?

Marketing Automation

Here it is, 2017, and we don’t get around in flying cars.

Still, many of the inventions and technologies that seemed like a far-fetched or futuristic dream just a decade ago are now a reality. Automation is moving into all aspects of our personal and working lives, from our appliances to our communications, to, yes, our cars. Sure, we don’t fly our vehicles to our jobs or to the grocery store. Yet. But just give it time.

In recent years, automation has had a big impact on another endeavor ‒ marketing. Although a somewhat primitive version of this technology was developed in the ‘90s, it wasn’t until this decade that marketing automation (MA) became advanced, efficient, and cost-effective enough to be adopted on a mass scale.

Marketing automation puts certain marketing actions on autopilot, making repetitive tasks such as emails, social media postings, and other website actions much easier. Simply put, with the right marketing automation platform, most marketers can get the right messages out at the right time to the right people.

But today’s marketing automation technology can do a lot more than just speed up your marketing routines. Because buyers now have instant access to vast stores of information, they can proactively uncover content and products, search online, seek social referrals, diligently explore their options, read reviews, and dig into expert reports … before they ever talk to you. Marketing automation platforms can help your team get in front of prospects early, establish expertise, and deliver personalized content that will make you stand out.

MA can also help you deeply understand the progress of your marketing programs, accelerate buyers through your sales funnel, increase your productivity, build stronger relationships with your audience through more personalized communication, track how potential buyers interact with your brand, align sales and marketing, prove your team’s value, and focus on delivering top-notch service to your customers. In the process, you expend less money and effort … and ultimately see higher returns and more revenue.

That’s a serious win-win. Or perhaps a win-win-win.

Deciding which solution is right for you ‒ or even if your organization can benefit from buying and implementing a marketing automation platform in the first place ‒ shouldn’t be an impulsive process. This is an important step in your brand development. Take your time, do your research, and consider your options. Carefully.

To help you walk through the marketing automation purchase decision, we’ve devised a simple assessment that will lead you along a key part of your buyer’s journey, step by step, in a clear, rational way.

Our interactive tool lets you see how your particular combination of factors ‒ including company size, expectations for speed of implementation and ease of use, budget, requirements for integration with other tools, ABM strategy (if any), and social media needs ‒ play into making the marketing automation purchase that’s right for your organization.

It’s a big decision, so choose wisely.