With Marketing Automation, Cornerstone Information Systems Sales Rise by 7%

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As we all know, marketing and sales alignment is vital to the success of an organization. For Cornerstone Information Systems, such an alignment translated directly into a 7% sales increase.

Aligning sales and marketing strategies (and departments) can prove challenging. With strong communication and the correct tools, organizations can move forward in a way that not only allows  stronger marketing and sales alignment, but also increases revenue.

Cornerstone did it by implementing Act-On Software’s marketing automation platform. Here’s the story:

Fulfilling a Marketing Need

Cornerstone Information Systems, a leader in reservation management and business intelligence technology for the travel industry, uses Act-On Software’s marketing automation platform for email marketing and to integrate a variety of marketing initiatives such as landing pages and webinars, and measure efforts objectively.

Before Act-On Software, Cornerstone’s small marketing team centered its efforts around email to communicate with 20,000 customers, partners and prospects. However, Cornerstone realized that results would improve if the marketing team could identify viable leads and share that information with sales, and measure efforts objectively.

Cornerstone realized it was critical that any marketing automation solution they picked integrate fully with Salesforce, so that marketing could push the results from all these activities to the sales team. After hiring a consultant to recommend a solution, Cornerstone selected Act-On Software because of the platform’s ability to deliver the necessary features without going over budget.

Improved Results with Act-On Software

Since implementing Act-On Software, Cornerstone has seen impressive results including:

  • 22% increase in email open rates
  • 86% increase in click-through rates
  • Sales up by 7% in first three months

In addition to email marketing, Cornerstone utilizes many key Act-On features such as customized landing pages, website visitor tracking, webinar management, and trigger campaigns.

The key win for Cornerstone however, has been lead scoring, which drives the marketing and sales alignment the teams wanted. The sales team uses lead scoring to prioritize their time, and understand which topics to discuss with each lead. This in turn lets them close deals more efficiently.

According to Alan Minton, senior vice president of marketing at Cornerstone Information Systems, the growth of their sales funnel “has been outstanding” and “the sales team especially appreciates the focused call list that Act-On delivers.”

“We saw the effect of this improved list immediately,” said Minton. “It’s easy to see the ROI and the success.”


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