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Email Marketing for the Modern Marketer

Reach Your Customers the Smart Way with Act-On Email Marketing Software

Learn how Act-On's Email Marketing Software Can Help You:

  • Automate Your Email Outreach Quickly and Easily

  • Build Beautiful Content With Customizable Templates

  • Implement and Automate SMS Text Communications

  • A/B Test Your Messaging to Maximize Your Success Rates

  • Score Your Leads for Easy Prioritization of Follow-Up

  • Tailor Your Communication by Segmenting Your Database Based on Behavioral, Demographic, and Firmographic Data

  • Make Informed Decisions and Optimize Your Communications Based on In-Depth Performance Analytics

  • Drive Consistent, Reliable Email Delivery Rates

Learn More About the Product

Email Marketing

Email remains a marketer’s most valuable tool. To ensure delivery and engagement, our email marketing and segmentation tools help you analyze open, click, and conversion rates to optimize campaigns and celebrate your success.

Content Templates

Think crafting effective messaging is tough? Not with our easy-to-use email, landing page, and web form templates. Easily adaptable and ready to use, our free templates include everything from a simple drag-and-drop interface to advanced HTML editing tools to help you create or integrate your own dazzling content. And with A/B testing, you can quickly determine which assets and messaging are the most effective — ensuring great results and continuous improvement.

Automated Messaging for Awesome Engagement

To make the biggest impact, you have to deliver perfect messaging at the perfect time. Whether you’re sending automated commercial or transactional emails, use Act-On Marketing Automation Software to ensure your messaging is on brand and that you’re tracking digital behaviors and engagements. And with transactional event-triggered email, you can send urgent notifications to individual customers via API and behavioral triggers.

Engagement Insights

Track your inbound and outbound engagement insights to learn how your messaging is driving traffic to your digital touchpoints. From segment-specific messaging programs to full, dynamic, and cross-channel nurture campaigns, our out-of-the-box engagement insights allow you to assess the performance of every tactic so you can optimize your messaging and improve your programs.

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